Fine dining @ Hekou Scenic Area in Dandong County

Roughly 2 hours north of Dandong City, in the middle of the Yalu River lies the Hekou Scenic Area on an island just a few yards away from North Korea. Amazing views and unspoiled nature make this island and the surrounding countryside a very popular destination for Chinese tourists. Most of them come to Dandong City to catch a few glimpses of North Korea. Combining … Continue reading Fine dining @ Hekou Scenic Area in Dandong County

Sichuan Hotpot

Best enjoyed in one of Chengdu’s many excellent restaurants (look for the tables with a hole in the middle), Sichuan hotpot is a true highlight of the region’s cuisine. Divided into spicy and not-so-spicy halves, more or less chili stews in a broth (lamb, beef, etc.), that waits to be filled with raw, thinly sliced lamb or beef meat, tofu, vegetables, noodles or fish dumplings. Depending on what … Continue reading Sichuan Hotpot