Fine dining @ Hekou Scenic Area in Dandong County

Roughly 2 hours north of Dandong City, in the middle of the Yalu River lies the Hekou Scenic Area on an island just a few yards away from North Korea. Amazing views and unspoiled nature make this island and the surrounding countryside a very popular destination for Chinese tourists. Most of them come to Dandong City to catch a few glimpses of North Korea. Combining Hekou with the Great Wall at Hushan is great one day trip.


Most residents of the island are fishermen/restaurant owners. They serve their own catch at amazing prices and high quality. The place we chose on our trip to the area was recommended by friends of my wife in Dandong City. The name of the establishment is “Baoping Daguoyu” – 宝萍大锅鱼. It is run by a very nice family and their huge dog.


The food is excellent, different varieties of fish with vegetables, porridge and local corn bread loaves. Of course the omnipresent Yalujiang beer is not missing.


The family also offers a holiday apartment for rent in the backyard. 100 Yuan per night for the whole family. Combine this with the excellent food and the amazing views, this makes up for an intriguing holiday option.


Google Maps coordinates: 40.405254, 124.806892

Phone number for reservations: 15942543727

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